Marcella Poguntke (June – October 2017)

As part of my management trainee program with the Melchers Group Head office, I was sent to the Singapore office; this was the third assignment at Melchers and my first abroad.

The main task was to support the management of the Breitling division in the preparation for its expansion plans in Asia. In this function as business analyst, I collected and analysed data on various Asian markets, broken down by city and target group demographics, in order to determine those markets with the most potential and point out opportunities for expanding our geographical and digital footprint. Based on this analysis, I could contribute some ideas for marketing campaigns and strategy.

I also developed new dynamic excel dashboards for Breitling providing an overview of the stock and sales situation in quantity and value by month and region as well as aging degree for stock and prepared a consolidated Breitling Asia balance for company valuation purposes.

Further, I also supported the Melchers Management with the creation and analysis of Melchers Asia company-internal surveys on strategic topics as a preparation and follow-up for a country manager meeting and led the design & content collection/creation for the new Melchers Singapore webpage.

In summary, my tasks were interesting, insightful and manifold during the whole time of my assignment here in Singapore and reached from business analytics over finance related tasks to more creative marketing & CRM related projects.

It was because of this diversity of tasks, that I received good insight into our whole organization and could gain experience and expertise in new areas. Giving young people the opportunity to take on new tasks and the challenge to figure out independently “learning by doing” how to accomplish them, is something that you hardly find in any other company. The General Manager of Breitling and the Managing Director of Melchers choose interesting and meaningful tasks for me, were always approachable and open to discuss ideas and gave very useful feedback.

I had a wonderful time here in Singapore and the privilege to work in the world’s maybe finest city, with amazing colleagues and superiors in a very friendly, multicultural work setting, where I felt at home from the very first day. I am convinced that there is no better place to do your internship, than here with this amazing group of companies and people.


Stephan Hollweg (May - August 2016)

As part of my studies in International Business Administration/Management, I served as a Corporate Sales intern at the LUMAS Gallery Singapore for 11 weeks. I found accommodation with the help of a fellow student and Airbnb.

I started to build a B2B database, visited potential clients and organised an event to introduce companies to LUMAS' services. Additionally, I developed an online and offline campaign supporting a promotion at Paragon Shopping Centre, built different Microsoft Excel tools to provide analytical insights into our operations, and, lastly, calculated a new business model "Rent Your Art"

The team was very open and friendly. A high level of trust was placed in me and I could take responsibility.

To conclude, I really enjoyed my time in Singapore. I had to face new challenges, gained new experiences and the city is generally a great place to get to know the Asian culture.


Ferdinand von Wedekind (January - March 2010)

Three month in Singapore at C. Melchers are almost over. What a great time.
Even if it was a short time, it gave me a small overview of the working live in south East Asia.

During my first two months, I was located in the workshop at Old Toh Tuck Road. This workshop is right next to the worlds’ largest CNG Station. My task at the workshop was it to take a closer look at the stock and to implement a system for tracking the spare parts. Another task was also the daily corresponding with our Taiwan branch which supplies Melchers with spare parts for the workshop.

For my last month, I worked in the Headquarter. I kept on going with the corresponding to Taiwan and wrote an analysis of the stock situation at the workshop.

To sum up, I can say that I had a great time here in Singapore. This was one of my best internships and I got a better understanding of the Asian culture and their business behavior.

I will never forget this internship, and say THANK YOU to C. Melchers for giving me this opportunity


Karen Ostermann (October 2009 - March 2010)

Half a year in Singapore – who wouldn’t want that?!

When my Internship started, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. It was my first time in Asia and my first time working in a company for such a long time. But on both aspects I was stunned about how much I saw and was able to learn.

For my whole Traineeship, I stayed in the CNG department –Compressed Natural Gas. At first, I had to read up on things and gain an understanding for engines and technical stuff, which I usually don’t face in my daily life. I loved to look into something completely new and get an understanding for it. On top of that, I appreciated how much I was allowed to do; for example when it came to contact customers or holding own meetings with advertising agencies.

With this training opportunity I gained a better understanding for the daily business procedures and got a much clearer idea for my personal future ahead. Another major point I appreciated is that I had the chance to get to know a new culture; especially in these days where the Asian economy grows so much.

I enjoyed doing my Internship at Melchers and want to say thank you for all your support and the possibility to get to know Singapore and its people!


Sebastian Drewes (August 2004 - October 2004)

During my practical training I was attached to the Consumer Goods Department. There I worked in the warehouse for a few days and assisted the sales staff during customer visits including restaurants, bars, hotels and supermarkets.

My main task however, was to do a feasibility study on an Australian franchising system. I observed the Singapore sales market carefully and spoke to several representatives of possible target groups. I had meetings with chefs of the best hotels in Singapore , Marketing Managers of several companies and advertising agencies. During these meetings and through research in the Internet, I got a general overview of how the franchise business would work in Singapore .

Altogether my practical training in Singapore was a fantastic experience. For me it was a great introduction to the Asian business culture. I had my own project and worked independently. Due to research and a lot of customer contacts I started to understand the opportunities but also the difficulties of the Singapore market.

Thank you very much for the opportunity to do such training.

I really acquired a taste of Asia and I am looking forward to coming back soon!


Marcus Wild (September 2002 - August 2004)

First of all, I would like to thank all of you who offered your time and patience to deliver me a great insight into the C. Melchers Group of Companies in Singapore . I am also grateful to the management for giving me the opportunity to complete my apprenticeship at C. Melchers in the first place.

During my time with C. Melchers, I have learned a great deal, be it knowledge concerning the business world or social skills. I have also gained a better understanding of what it means to be a distributor, especially one as interesting and diverse as C. Melchers.

I will leave this company with a lot of positive and unforgettable memories, in particular the organization of the groundbreaking ceremony of the Sky Tower during my attachment with Melchers Project Management.

All these experiences have surely developed me into a more independent person and will help me in future endeavors. I hope that I was also able to repay some of what the company has given to me during my two-years stay.

I wish all at C. Melchers a successful, joyous and harmonious future ahead.

Duc Tinh Van Tri (September 2001 - August 2003)

Time flies…two years are over.

I still remember my first day at C. Melchers GmbH & Co., Singapore , I was a bit nervous and anxious of what I would be expecting. But thanks to you I found it relatively easy to fit in.

Two years of amazing and unforgettable memories will stay with me forever and wherever I go. I enjoyed being here and learned a lot. I experienced the different living cultures, enjoyed the great variety of food, met a lot of interesting people, people come and go and now it is time for me to leave.

These two years in C. Melchers GmbH & Co. gave me the opportunity to get a peek into the working life and I am sure with a good base foundation, it will help me with my upcoming studies and future career path. The most interesting was to see the different working styles and structures in each department since we trainees are able to gain a bit of experience out of every section.

Therefore I would really like to thank all of you for making these two years fulfilling ones for me and turning it into one of the greatest experiences in my life.

No “Good-Bye” but “Aufwiedersehen”.